I was recently honored to testify before the United States Senate on PepsiCo’s sustainability efforts as they relate to water use efficiency.  Also testifying before the Senate Subcommittee on Water and Power were Mr. Henry Green, President, National Institute of Building Sciences; Mr. GP Russ Chaney, CEO, IAMPO Group (Toronto, Canada); and Ms. Mary Ann Dickinson, CEO, Alliance for Water Efficiency. It was great to see how the testimony and responses to Chairwoman, NH Senator, Jeanne Shaheen were the source of good discussion between the Chairwoman and panelists.

In particular we discussed the great progress that PepsiCo continues to make in water and energy conservation, and how this is important for both our business and for broader society; the importance of public-private partnerships in order to find lasting solutions to environmental challenges; our participation in industry groups such as the Beverage Industry’s Environmental Roundtable; our sustainable agriculture program, including the example of our innovative irrigation methods deployed worldwide; and our near net zero plant in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Have a look at the webcast of the event (http://www.energy.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/hearings-and-business-meetings?ID=8c3a493a-e8a8-4af6-9148-ce2aa875f46b). PepsiCo’s testimony starts at 28:25.

I was incredibly pleased to see the genuine interest that our governmental leaders had in finding real solutions and I was grateful for the opportunity to speak on PepsiCo’s behalf at such an important hearing.