Introducing Gatorade Mission Control

In sports, you have to have your head on a swivel. Dwayne Wade, the NBA champion, playoff MVP and Olympic gold medalist, dominates the court because he knows where all the players are, or should be, at any given time on the floor. Gatorade Mission Control takes the same approach – monitoring, reacting and engaging with consumers in real-time across the social web. We believe Mission Control can be the prototype for how we do digital engagement across PepsiCo. We built Mission Control, a physical room inside our Chicago headquarters, to connect insights with our social engagement efforts at Gatorade.  The room has a series of screens tracking online conversation and we have a full team who is engaging with consumers via Twitter and Facebook. The real-time nature of this allows us to react, and spot trends, in real-time.  For example, when our marketing team saw... Read more