David Weiner

David Weiner leads the global social, editorial, engagement and development strategy for PepsiCo. David will also be responsible for managing numerous projects related to health and wellness initiatives, corporate social responsibility, and global training in digital and social media. Prior to joining PepsiCo, David was at PR Newswire for eight years in a variety of roles. David attended the University of Pittsburgh where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. David loves the New York Rangers, travel, travel photography, and photography while traveling. David can be found on twitter @DavidWeiner (http://www.twitter.com/davidweiner).

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Social Media Week Is Upon Us

Social Media Week is upon us, and this year PepsiCo continues its celebration of the new media landscape with a three continent tour connecting the people, places and ideas that make the event so special. PepsiCo’s leadership in digital innovation embodies the spirit of Social Media Week, and our sponshorship is imporant to us. In New York, London and Sao Paolo, PepsiCo will participate in discussions, curate a select session of panels, listen to the conversations of digital innovators and hopefully educate this community on what PepsiCo is up to. “Social Media Week is an opportunity for us to connect with digital innovators and to share news of our own work,” said PepsiCo Global Director of Digital and Social Media Bonin Bough, who will present at Social Media Week events in each of the three cities. We launched our wildly successful Pepsi Refresh Project during Social Media Week... Read more

Gearing Up to Crash the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is quite the unifying event. If you’re not into the sport, maybe you’re into the commercials. If you’re not into the commercials, maybe you’re into the party. It’s hard to not notice that the Super Bowl has become a global happening; whether you are watching the Xs and Os or the commercials, you are riveted. Strangely enough, according to a Nielsen survey, 51 percent of viewers actually preferred watching the advertisements over the game! I’m a pretty big football fan. It wasn’t always this way, but things have changed… I grew up in New Jersey suffering through Jets and Giants games in the 1980s, waiting for the New York Rangers game to start or for the Knicks to come on. It wasn’t until I was in college when I saw the beauty and luxury in Sunday afternoons on the couch, Sunday nights on the... Read more