Mike Jolley

Mike Jolley has been with PepsiCo since February 2010 and works producing Copella apple juice as Technical Operations Manager at our Boxford site. He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with circa 8 years experience in Mechanical & FMCG manufacturing. He has a real passion for encouraging young people into Science and Engineering careers (works as STEM Ambassador) and opening the doors to UK Manufacturing to let people see & experience all the exciting stuff that goes on in the big grey boxes you drive past.

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FIND Performance with Purpose

At Boxford the juices we mix with our delicious apple juice to create our fantastic blends, (like Apple & Mango or Apple & Raspberry), come in large metal drums. We have hundreds of these drums and they used to be crushed and sent away as scrap – but we wanted to ensure that these were properly recycled in line with a project to better manage our waste streams from the factory. We found a company who would give us £3 - £5 per drum, and decided to give some of this money to local charities operating around Boxford in Suffolk. Read more

STEMnet Ambassador

I love making things – always have since a child and for me a career in Engineering and specifically Manufacturing was my plan since I was a teenager. I believe that our economy desperately needs innovative and agile manufacturing which takes advantage of both niche & general markets where the UK can and should be competitive. I get very frustrated when capable technical people disappear into service sectors (especially banking and management consultancy). Read more