The Promise of PepsiCo on Go Green Radio

I recently had the opportunity to discuss PepsiCo’s environmental sustainability initiatives on Go Green Radio with Jill Buck, host of the national program on VoiceAmerica and Founder and CEO of the Go Green Initiative. Jill was interested to learn how PepsiCo is “doing sustainability right” – what we are doing to replenish the natural resources we use to create our products and how we protect these resources and efficiently use the land, water, energy and fuel in our businesses and in the local communities we serve. As part of Performance with Purpose, PepsiCo is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into all aspects of our global operations. In this interview – which is broken into four segments – I highlight some of our key environmental sustainability goals and details of our progress to date: Segment 1 Performance with Purpose is a commitment and realization that our financial success... Read more