Umami Taste in Latin Cuisine

There’s no better time than Hispanic Heritage Month to reflect on the cultural history and gastronomical complexity of Latin Cuisine, influenced by 400 years of Spanish colonization. It is much more than the three culinary staples we tend to think of: corn, beans and chiles. Important in Latin cuisine is umami, one of the five basic tastes we experience when eating. It’s a brothy or savory taste naturally occurring in the flavor DNA of foods such as tomatoes and mushrooms, and developed through fermentation in products like soy sauce and parmesan cheese. If we take a look into the Latin pantry, we’ll find a variety of ingredients that deliver umami to enhance and develop flavors in recipes: Maggi is one of the most popular ingredients used in modern Latin cuisine. It is a dark and savory fermented sauce used for seasoning. Invented by Julius Maggi in 1890, it’s... Read more