The theme of this year’s World Water Week in Stockholm is Water and Food Security, so discussions of PepsiCo’s work to conserve resources in agriculture are front and center. On Monday, PepsiCo and the Columbia Water Center (CWC) at the Earth Institute, Columbia University convened a panel titled Water and Energy Efficiencies in Food Supply Chains: Leveraging Partnerships.  We started the discussion by describing PepsiCo’s ReCon program, which focuses on identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing opportunities to conserve resources in our operating plants. We then devoted most of the session to the conservation challenges and opportunities in our agriculture supply chain. Ian Hope-Johnstone, director of agricultural sustainability, described the actions PepsiCo and our partners have taken to improve India’s potato productivity while using less water; our collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank in supporting Mexican sunflower farmers; and i-crop, a system that allows integrated management of water, nutrient, and crop... Read more

I was recently honored to testify before the United States Senate on PepsiCo’s sustainability efforts as they relate to water use efficiency.  Also testifying before the Senate Subcommittee on Water and Power were Mr. Henry Green, President, National Institute of Building Sciences; Mr. GP Russ Chaney, CEO, IAMPO Group (Toronto, Canada); and Ms. Mary Ann Dickinson, CEO, Alliance for Water Efficiency. It was great to see how the testimony and responses to Chairwoman, NH Senator, Jeanne Shaheen were the source of good discussion between the Chairwoman and panelists. In particular we discussed the great progress that PepsiCo continues to make in water and energy conservation, and how this is important for both our business and for broader society; the importance of public-private partnerships in order to find lasting solutions to environmental challenges; our participation in industry groups such as the Beverage Industry’s Environmental Roundtable; our sustainable agriculture program, including the example of our innovative irrigation methods deployed worldwide; and our near net... Read more

Yesterday, PepsiCo issued a press release to announce our entry back into the Myanmar market after a 15-year absence. The news has been picked up by the major wire services, and key business publications. I even saw an item about it this morning in Yangon on BBC World News. Read more

For Indra’s second day in the Philippines, we had planned, among other things, to take her to see some traditional trade stores, and to visit Waterhope, Asia Pacific’s signature Water Citizenship program. The day unfolded quite differently. Read more

This is the first of two blog posts that I will send to you from Indra’s trip to the Philippines, a remarkable country of over 7,000 islands, with a dynamic population of over 100 million people, and a PepsiCo business and team that embodies our company’s mission of Performance with Purpose. Read more

One of PepsiCo’s great strengths has always been brand-building, and many of our mega-brands not only offer up great products, they are household names. At PepsiCo, we make sure our brands meet the needs and the aspirations of all of our consumers, wherever they are in the world. Take Korea. Yesterday, in Seoul, PepsiCo’s determined and dynamic Korea team had the chance to showcase to Indra Nooyi all the many ways in which they have taken the essence of some of PepsiCo’s mega-brands and ‘glocalized’ them for the Korean consumer. Read more

When I think of the Pittsburgh Steelers, a lot comes to mind: The Immaculate Reception, Terrible Towels, the Steel Curtain, a record six Super Bowl victories, the legendary stewardship of the Rooney family and some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in all of sports. That’s why I’m so excited to announce today that PepsiCo has signed a new, exclusive, multi-year partnership with the Steelers that spans our food and beverage portfolio. Read more

“Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue- to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak.” Those words of wisdom were given to us by the Greek philosopher Socrates more than two thousand years ago. Successful marketers have been subscribing to them ever since, as the world’s greatest brands have always been those that put the voice of the consumer at the center of their universe. Understanding consumers at every level is an essential ingredient for building strong global brands that are trusted and loved. It’s also a fundamental part of gaining unique insights that drive breakthrough innovation and create new market opportunities. At PepsiCo, it’s this unwavering focus on our consumers has allowed us to create 22 billion-dollar food and beverage brands. Read more

In a matter of days, the world will turn its attention to London where the most elite athletes from around the globe will come together for the ultimate demonstration of preparation, perseverance and performance. What started during the 8th century BC in Greece with a handful of events and competitors has evolved over time to become one of the world’s greatest spectacles. Read more

“You never know how much joy a simple smile can bring.” I learned this concept at a very early age and I’ve seen it proved true throughout my life. Whether people are celebrating success or dealing with life’s inevitable challenges, everything goes better with a smile – including the smile that comes from an ice cold Pepsi or one of Dairy Queen’s beloved Dilly Bar ice cream treats. Read more