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World Class Marketing Driven By A Worldwide Class

In a matter of days, the world will turn its attention to London where the most elite athletes from around the globe will come together for the ultimate demonstration of preparation, perseverance and performance. What started during the 8th century BC in Greece with a handful of events and competitors has evolved over time to become one of the world’s greatest spectacles. Read more

Spreading Snacking Happiness

China is known to have a long history of snacking culture, and Wuhan in particular is known to be home to a wide variety of delicious and unique snacks, such as Mianwo, “salty donuts” made with rice flour and flavored with shallots, and flower-shaped shao mai dumplings with colorful fillings. This culinary tradition, along with a reputation as an economic and transportation hub, make Wuhan a strong choice as the site of PepsiCo sixth snacks plant in China. Read more

Bringing a Taste Of Football To Our Troops

Today the Frito-Lay family announced a new effort designed to bring the best of college football to our U.S. armed forces serving overseas. It’s an effort that we are particularly proud of here at Frito-Lay. Read more