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Announcing Our #Promise

Internet Week is one of the premiere social media events in the New York digital community, and for PepsiCo, this year’s event is all about leveraging innovative technologies to drive social good. From social media to social responsibility, PepsiCo has been extremely engaged at IWNY 2010 and we’re especially excited about today’s #Promise Conference. Together with ThinkSocial, PepsiCo is providing a forum for investigating and discussing how social and mobile media are empowering corporate citizenship to create changes, both on the social and environmental levels.  In addition to today’s speakers, we’ll have panels led by TED, Fast Company and GOOD. The panels will cover how companies are generating fresh ideas for using social technologies to make change for both their customers and the planet – right now. Building on the company’s vision, Performance with Purpose, PepsiCo is proud to share its #Promise of investing in a healthier... Read more

Social Media: The Great Fulcrum of Social Innovation

As someone who lives and breathes social media, I’m always excited about Internet Week and the possibilities it provides to help us develop new tools and insights to interact with our customers.   People that aren’t immersed in this stuff may think that these tools are the most important or interesting thing . . . but they’re not. What’s really important is the content of the conversations with and between customers enabled by these tools—and the behaviors they promote at the company level.  Social media is helping companies behave more responsibly because social media itself encourages—even commands—responsiveness.  Some companies are daunted by the social imperative demanded by these news tools; we’re encouraging it. This blend of social media and social responsibility is the backbone behind what we’re calling The Promise of PepsiCo —our dedication to our Performance with Purpose mission. Performance with Purpose is all about creating a... Read more

A Universal Purpose

PepsiCo  is dedicated to social innovation, which is why we are such big fans of Internet Week NY. To date, bar codes are used to track products and to check out at the Supermarket. We think a bar code can do much more. This year at Internet Week we are talking about a new idea which we think will eventually transform how we connect with consumers: we call it the Universal Purpose Code. The thinking is that eventually, consumers will be able to scan a product to receive custom content about the social impacts of that product. PepsiCo is running a pilot of this idea at Internet Week, powered by Stickybits, a start-up technology that brings digital content to real-world objects through the barcode. To advance this technology, PepsiCo is assembling a council of leaders in social responsibility and social media—led by digital influencer Gary Vaynerchuk—to... Read more