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30 Seconds to Change a Life

Life-changing moments are an amazing thing.  They can come unexpectedly and turn an unsuspecting person on to a completely different path.  They can also open up new worlds of opportunity that never before seemed possible.  I’ve had the fortune of watching life-changing moments in person the last few years, and I will get the chance again this Sunday during Super Bowl XLV. I’m not talking about the Packers or the Steelers, but rather a group of aspiring film and ad makers that will have their work showcased for the millions of Super Bowl viewers in the form of Doritos and Pepsi MAX commercials.  They are the winners of the fifth Crash the Super Bowl contest where we put our brands in the hands of consumers and ask them to create spots for to air during the game. More than 5,600 entries came in, 10 finalists were selected... Read more

Gearing Up to Crash the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is quite the unifying event. If you’re not into the sport, maybe you’re into the commercials. If you’re not into the commercials, maybe you’re into the party. It’s hard to not notice that the Super Bowl has become a global happening; whether you are watching the Xs and Os or the commercials, you are riveted. Strangely enough, according to a Nielsen survey, 51 percent of viewers actually preferred watching the advertisements over the game! I’m a pretty big football fan. It wasn’t always this way, but things have changed… I grew up in New Jersey suffering through Jets and Giants games in the 1980s, waiting for the New York Rangers game to start or for the Knicks to come on. It wasn’t until I was in college when I saw the beauty and luxury in Sunday afternoons on the couch, Sunday nights on the... Read more