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Possibilities lie at the intersection of performance and purpose

Earlier this fall, I attended the 6th Annual Edelman Change and Employee Engagement Summit, which explored the critical and evolving relationship between employee engagement and innovative programs that both make a positive impact on society and drive the business. Read more

Recruiting Industry Events & Observations – Fall 2011

For years I've said that the best ideas and breakthroughs at recruiting industry events tend to happen after the sessions are over and when essentially everyone gets a microphone with whomever they'd like to connect. The social events or dinners that happen after the podiums are abandoned are where attendees open up and where speakers can go deep on topics they may have been forced to gloss over in just 45 minutes on stage. So for me, events have always been about the conversation more than the sessions. However, in the last 2 years I've really learned that there is more to pull from the sessions than I previously realized - even (or especially) the sessions that go poorly. Read more