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PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy Announce Initial Findings of Positive Water Impact Pilot

Image from positive water impact pilot site in Mexico City - Xico Lake

We are proud to announce that PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) have just finished the first phase of a joint Positive Water Impact study. By Positive Water Impact, we mean making more and better water available to the environment and the communities where we and our suppliers operate. The focus is local, at the watershed level. For a global company like PepsiCo it means coming up with solutions for every area where we operate, from our bottling facility in Zhanjiang, China to our snack and beverage plants in Mexico City. Read more

Respecting Water as A Human Right Means Using it Wisely: Companies Must Do Their Part


You might remember last month I wrote about what PepsiCo is doing to respect water as a human right by providing safe drinking water for people across the globe and also how I’ve been making small changes at my own home to be a part of the solution. As we celebrate Blog Action Day and its focus on water this year, I thought it might be helpful to show just how important water conservation is to PepsiCo by sharing a few examples of what we’re doing.

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Tracking PepsiCo’s Sustainability Achievements

You've probably heard us talk about PepsiCo's ambitious sustainability commitments called Performance with a Purpose. These commitments include specific goals to reduce sugar, sodium and fat across our food and beverage portfolio while increasing whole grains, fruits and vegetables, reducing our environmental footprint and ensuring employees can develop great careers at PepsiCo. These goals not only support our commitment to the environment, our consumers and our associates, but also support our efforts to further grow our business. How close are we to meeting the goals outlined in our 2009 Annual Report - The Promise of PepsiCo? Today, I'm happy to inform you of the release of our 2009 Corporate Citizenship Report.. Read more

Social Media: The Great Fulcrum of Social Innovation

As someone who lives and breathes social media, I’m always excited about Internet Week and the possibilities it provides to help us develop new tools and insights to interact with our customers.   People that aren’t immersed in this stuff may think that these tools are the most important or interesting thing . . . but they’re not. What’s really important is the content of the conversations with and between customers enabled by these tools—and the behaviors they promote at the company level.  Social media is helping companies behave more responsibly because social media itself encourages—even commands—responsiveness.  Some companies are daunted by the social imperative demanded by these news tools; we’re encouraging it. This blend of social media and social responsibility is the backbone behind what we’re calling The Promise of PepsiCo —our dedication to our Performance with Purpose mission. Performance with Purpose is all about creating a... Read more