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Talent for Today’s World, Tomorrow’s Performance

Last week, I spoke at the HCI Conference in New York about how PepsiCo is exploring new ways to attract and nurture the best talent in an increasingly global, complex world. With a history dating back over 100 years, our company has adapted its business model and strategy in response to shifts in the economic, political and social environments as well as the evolving change in consumer preferences. It is exactly this ability to adapt and embrace global and organizational change that has allowed us to succeed. As part of Performance with Purpose, PepsiCo is committed to talent sustainability, investing in our people as a competitive advantage. With this priority, my team has worked to develop a refreshed approach to talent acquisition. Here’s a look at just five ways we’re evolving from a recruiting perspective: Being global while acting local – With operations in 200 countries and... Read more

Human Potential in a Global Workplace

Friends and colleagues let me tell you about an inspiring day at The Economist’s Human Potential Summit a few weeks ago. I was very privileged to find myself amongst worldwide experts and leaders. We were brought together to discuss the belief that today’s global economy may be fuelled by innovation amongst leading businesses such as PepsiCo – it’s called the “Ideas Economy.” Specifically, the summit focused on the human potential for driving ahead the best and most innovative ideas. I was honored to speak about innovation among our own diverse workforce here at PepsiCo on a panel called “Intellectual Diversity in an Open World.”

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