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Three Lessons for Delighting Chinese Consumers

More than 30 years ago, PepsiCo was one of the first American companies to enter China. My first visit here as a PepsiCo executive came in the mid-1990s, shortly after PepsiCo Foods introduced Lay’s potato chips to the Chinese market. One image that I will never forget, shortly after the launch, is the sight of dozens of people on city streets eating those delicious chips—using chopsticks. Even then, it was impossible to eat just one. Read more

LAY’S ‘Goes West’ with New PepsiCo Foods Plant in China

With today’s announcement of our new snacks plant in the city of Wuhan – PepsiCo’s sixth food plant in Greater China – we’re opening the doors to growth in central and western China, a move that allows us to fuel the continued growth of products like Lay’s and Stax while supporting regional development with the creation of about 1,000 local jobs. Wuhan is PepsiCo’s first foods plant in China built to LEED standards, joining our three LEED Pepsi bottling plants as some of the most water and energy efficient facilities in the entire PepsiCo network. Applying the latest technology, the plant is expected to reduce energy consumption by 20% and water consumption by 30% compared to baseline plants – savings that simultaneously lower our operating costs. By using less water and energy, we’re producing potato chips in a way that’s good for China and good for PepsiCo, a model we follow in all 200 markets we operate in around the world. Read more

Spreading Snacking Happiness

China is known to have a long history of snacking culture, and Wuhan in particular is known to be home to a wide variety of delicious and unique snacks, such as Mianwo, “salty donuts” made with rice flour and flavored with shallots, and flower-shaped shao mai dumplings with colorful fillings. This culinary tradition, along with a reputation as an economic and transportation hub, make Wuhan a strong choice as the site of PepsiCo sixth snacks plant in China. Read more